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Guide to be successful on Pakcoin Forum.

Hello Members,

I hope this post will improve helpful for every new comer.
So How to be a successful member on Pakcoin Forum?

Step-1 : Registration

Step-2: Start Using Forum
All you need to be active on forum.So how to be active and earn rewards?Post much articles or useful news in forum.Get Trophy Points, Post Credits and Many More.You can get 0.2 PAK for each post.The most important stuff is to fill up your profile and upload forum avatar(image) and get instant reward.

Step-3: Affiliate Program:
Share you ref link to your friends in Social Media or any PTP, Advertising Network.
All your referral need to be active on the forum.It does not matter that a user create own multiple account to get referral rewards.So system detect automatically and does not reward to member using same IP or Proxy.
Increase your referral usage limit.Referral usage limit price is 5PAK credits per referral.It mean if you want to refer someone, you must buy its limit first.

Step-4: Interact To Other Posts:
To increase rewards and points you have to like,post reply to other member's post.