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How many of you, Used Pakload ?


How are you all.

How many of you people have used Pakload for mobile topup, daraz balance load and careem balance load using your Pakcoin.

Have you ever encountered any issue, error, problem ??.

My personal experience is great for using Pakload system. Now i use Pakload for all my mobile topup and sometimes for careem balance load.

I am very much satisfied with Pakload service. A real usage of my Pakcoin.
I used this service but don't know how much actual discount i got. Do anyone have calculation. Please send here to prove using pakload not only ease load but with discount. That's the power of real usage pakcoins.


Discount is not started yet. Currently if you apply for load of Rs 100, then Pakcoin of Rs 100 will be deducted from your wallet.

Discount will be starting soon.


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I used it and am very satisfied. Usually transaction is processed within 10-20 minutes, and I can now easily utilize Staking earning here! :D