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Do you think that Pakcoin forums help to getting most of useful ideas?

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Hi All Beloved Members

I just want to let you know about the importance of a forum.Like Pakcoin forum is a good community and different members share their ideas.These ideas are very useful and help us in solving issues.For a Pakcoin user,He must join forum must before he taking any step thats why he will get many ideas and its related stuff before he start his journey with Pakcoin.
Why forums basically made?
  • There's hundreds if not thousands of candidates that can participate; this means we can have "think out of the box"-answers from people of different points of views and culture from the one somebody starts a discussion
  • It's accessible to almost everyone; forums, unless it's needed expertise or any other restriction is given, can be joined by everyone. Discussion doesn't discriminate about race, gender, wealth or ethnicity.
  • We can have opinions from anyone; imagine if some businessman asks what do people think about his brand or an idea of product he wants to start. May he reach other businessman opinions as well as consumers from different ages, other entrepreneurs or start-ups and the list of public-reached is still short. You're always limited to behaviour rules, but forums is like a park for everyone.
  • It's fun. You don't have to fall into the classic cause and consequence way to learn or realize something; I mean, in learning and diversifying the questions and amplifying curiosity of people, books don't always mind that, for example, they first present an introduction that sets the context to a subject, then they tackle it by loading you of data from answers that surround the topic and the conclusions of the author are exposed, so the exchange of ideas is sometimes guided or cut. In school, the forums are also a bit limited; teachers also need to apporach and conclude topics, they propose a problem but they follow the path of the stream of questions and answers from students, they can't cover everybody's questions so they take the trends of questions of all. In a forum we can cover an answer with more detailed or complex info, obviously taking in mind the main question, trying not to end up answering something that wan't even asked.

    I know that many users inviting their friends and family to start using pakcoins but i suggest those user to tell about the forum first.



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Thank you for starting this thread :)

It would be a huge help to Pakcoin if we could get more regular posters on this forum.

Qasim Zia

off course forums are always useful and help people learn and understand basic things. I have posted / requested many times in forum that Admin / moderators should step up and help members through training / guidelines to get involve them in to trading, which I personally think is a way to boost Pakcoin.