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Pakcoin (Pakistan's Premier Crypto Currency)

Pakcoin (Pakistan's Premier Crypto Currency)

What Is Pakcoin?
Pakcoin is a Pakistan-based digital currency and is open to both local and international users. It is based on Litecoin. It will be airdropped to 150,000 Pakistanis. Check Airdrop page for more information.

Did you know that if you had spent just 0.50$ on BitCoin in 2010, you would have 3000$ right now?
These are interesting times. We are on the verge of embracing technologies that could completely change the way the world works. Just like the smartphone brought forward a wave of smart devices and opened up new doors for market disruption, digital currency could change the way our economic system functions — but that future is just isn’t here yet, especially not in Pakistan,Nigeria,India and some other countries.

Pakcoin is growing as same as BTC was growed. Pakcoin has many fundamentals and there are many benefits of Pakcoin.Pakcoin was 0.003$ before some days but now it start growing fast and made a successful progress by 0.019$.That day is not far when it will hits to sky like Bitcoin.Investing in Pakcoin s safe and profitable.I know there are many investors in Crypto Currency but i suggest Pakcoin to everyone because of its fast growth.

Why Pakcoin?
Please visit https://steemit.com/pakcoin/@drwatson84/why-pakcoin-a-crypto-currency-for-the-people-by-the-people

Here are the every related stuff about Pakcoin.
Pakcoin Forum: Pakcoin Forum-http://pakcoin.info/forum
Pakcoin Official: http://pakcoin.info (A to Z Guide)
Pakcoin Tellers: Pakcoin Tellers-http://pakcoin.info/tellers
Pakcoin Exchange: Nova Exchange,Cryptopia,Yobit
Pakcoin Public Community: Crypto Club-https://www.facebook.com/groups/pakcoinsolutions/

Be Premier With Pakcoin and claim your Financial Freedom.

Qasim Zia

looking like you are spending a lot of time on Pakcoin. On the other hand every currency is down. bit coin is down to 9500$ at very this time.